AWP EP:41 Nick Emel from the 10ish Podcast. My current favorite podcast (that isn’t my own)

This week we have in Nick Emel from the 10ish Podcast which is my current favorite podcast. 10ish is a “Top 10 list” show where one host brings in a list of the top 10 things in a specific area (such as the top 10 rated albums of all time) and the other host has to try and guess what’s on the list. It’s immensely entertaining and you laugh while you learn something. Over the last year Nick and I have struck up an online friendship and it’s lead us here to him being a guest on my show. This was a fun one to record.

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Gear Used To Make this Podcast:

Canon Eos M50

Sandisk portable drive (highly recommended)

Sure SM48 Mic (low cost mic with great sound.)

Mic Stand

My favorite headphones

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Preamp

Atomos Ninja 5” monitor (This item was “extravagant” buy for the show but is invaluable all the same)

The BEST Tripod

All of my Podcast episodes are to be taken with a grain of salt. My goal is to feature people from the creative fields who have something interesting to say or something valuable to bring to the discussion. My intention is to give people a little time out from the realities of the world and to enjoy a fun conversation with interesting people. Please remember to take time to enjoy life. I feel like that is important. I hope my show helps with that.

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