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This week we have back author and graphic designer Bob Plante. You all will remember Bob from our episode talking about the film The Counselor. Bob is working on an an encyclopedia of every known 1980s metal demo, with fingers digging into related genres like hard rock, crossover, and metallized crust punk. He thought, I would LOVE to see a book like that. There are websites devoted to demo tapes, but they are woefully incomplete in scope and/or review content. He wanted to see what amounted to a bible, that would be as complete as possible, drawing from my big collection of metal zines and first-hand accounts from band members. Bob contacted his old buddy Ian Christe, publisher of the metal-oriented Bazillion Points Books, who jumped at the idea. Years later, Bob is still deep into the book, and as enthusiastic about it as the day he thought of it. So follow the progress on the book, and jump in with ideas, information, criticism, and encouragement as Bob pushes this damn heavy boulder up the hill.

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