AWP EP:27 Leon del Muerte: Guitar Player, Computer Master Genius and all Around Funny Guy–Computer-Master-Genius-and-all-Around-Funny-Guy-eljp8j

This week we have one of my best friends Leon del Muerte. Leon and I were in the band D.I.S. together and have seen half the world from the window of a van. Leon has been in a metric ton of legendary Metal bands. Exhumed, Impaled, Terrorizer L.A. Murder Construct, Intronaut, Phobia, NAILS and more. This episode was fun to record. Leon is not only one of my favorite musicians, he’s a smart and funny dude. 

*Extreme language warning for this episode. No children’s ears 

check him out @delmuerte

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All of my Podcast episodes are to be taken with a grain of salt. I make them primarily to make my friends laugh a little. My goal is to feature people from the creative fields who have something interesting to say or something valuable to bring to the discussion.

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